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Keeping the World in my Hands

Fear will add to the Start (meaning the start of anything!

The day the night the minute the second the year, but if YOU let Fear in, YOU will never overcome the ONE......

Question yourself, Look in the mirror and wake up see yourself for who you are and what you are right now. I ask my self why am I reaching out?

Why must I want to do more then I can? Who makes me think of these things and why am I not the one doing them.


When you wake up you want to feel glorified and rested and fresh that is what they say, yet everyone I know drinks caffeine or coffee multiple times a Day!!??

sOOOOO number #1 Problem is?

SLEEP? HYDRATION? OR is this just something that we read and pass on and keep passing on cause some of my best days are actually when I get more accomplished and get less sleep with no food and no drinks, but actually do what I say I am going to do.

Did you ever thinky maybe experts telling you to eat 6 times a day and drink the most amount of water, I cant keep up with even if its the only goal I have in mind, or did the most influential people in the world just want to sell more to the average sheep.

Consumers living off of there grandparents hard earned backs or maybe the kind of like the shampoo bottle rinse and repeat. Shall we say how much do we spend on the average shampoo bottle??

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